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We Bring Customers To Our Clients Through Social Media Marketing.

... With A Breathtaking ROI




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Facebook advertising is not a “set it and forget it” platform. We get that. Facebook is a dynamic, continually evolving advertising landscape and, if you want to get the most out of your advertising, you need to evolve along with it.


At The Venandi Group, we monitor our clients’ Facebook campaigns on a weekly basis and constantly optimise their ads and targeting to achieve the highest yield and lowest cost possible. Bringing potential customers to our clients websites for direct purchases. 

Instagram Ads gives you an opportunity to create well-rounded campaigns for users at all stages of the funnel, more effectively build brand awareness and driving conversions at the same time.

Very similar to Facebook ads, we monitor our clients’  campaigns on a weekly basis and use Facebook's superior campaign options to reach your target audiences through Instagram's high engagement rate. 

In modern marketing, there is no getting around Google Ads. Virtually every potential customer uses Google search to find information about products and services and to find solutions to their problems. 

As your Google Ads agency, we use this behaviour to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns to build your brand, and turn users into loyal customers. 

About Us

Who We Are

The Venandi Group is a social media marketing agency based in Gibraltar. We specialise in paid advertising. We're an ultra-lean agency, with one focus in mind; to create social media marketing campaigns with breathtaking ROI's.


Our goal is to optimise and accelerate real business growth by aligning business goals with marketing goals, analysing true performance indicators, and using a data-driven approach to maximise value and efficiency,

Our Team

We take every clients business as if it were our own, allocating and closely monitoring marketing budgets as if they were going out directly from our pockets. 

We have been constantly shooting course records for our clients thanks to our radical honesty and unsurpassable work ethic. 

If you are a like-minded individual and are looking for an agency that cares deeply about the growth of their clients, apply for a call with us.

Let's see if we can unleash some hidden opportunities that you might have not been aware of. 

Josh Hunter-Atencia, Founder




Every marketing challenge is unique

Solving them is a story worth telling.